Critical Need Alert

An URGENT message from Volunteer Coordinator, Jill Benvenutti:

Many of you have not yet signed up for your volunteer shift for Silver Spotlight on Saturday.  We cannot run this event without our volunteers!  Please don’t put it off another moment!  Log in here: to sign up directly in Cut Time.  Or skip Cut Time and just contact me directly.  We can absolutely find a time of day to fit your schedule.  There are openings that will have you done for the day by 9:00 AM, and others that don’t start until 8:30 PM.

I want to give a couple of clarifications to frequent questions:

1.  Choir Escorts will only be in the building while they are escorting and for their own child’s performance if they are going to that.  For example, If you sign up to escort Edgewood Music Warehouse and have a child in Sound, you will do the shift with Edgewood, leave when Edgewood leaves, and then come back when it’s time for Sound to perform.  This is to help with contact tracing purposes.

2.  Unlike in previous years, Concessions will not involve any food-handling or cleanup.  We are only selling pre-packaged items that performers and spectators can take with them as they go.  It is very much scaled down form a normal year.

3.  Another difference this year is that we usually have Volunteer Training as one event, and Parent Preview Night as another.  This year, the Health Department is only allowing one evening for Volunteer training, with a hard cap on numbers.  By scheduling it back-to-back with the choirs’ Dress Rehearsal, we are able to have our volunteers see the shows while they are in the auditorium.  We would love to have a full Preview Night with a packed house, but we are grateful for what we can offer.  This means that to see the choirs on Thuersday, you need to sign up for a volunteer shift for Silver Spotlight.  It is a great deal, because in return for one volunteer shift, you can see both of the performances, and free of charge!

Please contact me with all other questions and concerns.  You know where: 

Many thanks to all those who have already signed up to help out!  With everyone’s participation, we can have the absolute best event that conditions allow!

Jill Benvenutti

Tiger Choirs Volunteer Coordinator

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