Kinney Dancewear Visits Monday (8/30) & Tuesday(8/31)

Kinney Dancewear will be at FHS tomorrow (8/30) and Tuesday (8/31). You DO need to bring money for your order on the day that Kinney Dancewear visits your choir. You will need cash or a check made payable to Kinney Dancewear to place your order during your class. Students ordering during their class time will receive a discounted rate. If you do not order during your class time, you will be responsible for visiting Kinney Dancewear on your own time and you will not receive a discount. Please see the breakdown below for in class costs.

Monday August 30 

Sound-Period 1 Choir

  • Briefs($10.62), Tights($13.17), Split Flex Character Shoes($83.30), Tax($7.50) = $114.59

Voce-Period 3 Choir

  • Briefs($10.62), Tights($13.17) + Tax
  • (You have the option of purchasing character shoes from Kinney but it is not required for Voce. If you would like to purchase them however, please refer to the amount listed next to character shoes for Cantus and Cantabile Choirs)

Statesmen-Period 3 Choir

  • (You have the option of purchasing shoes from Kinney but it is not required for Statesmen. If you would like to purchase them however, refer to the amount listed next to character shoes for Cantabile and Electrum boys)

 Monday August 31

Electrum-Period 6 Choir

  • Electrum girls: = briefs ($10.62), tights ($13.17), 2 shoes ($83.30 + $61.20) + Tax = $180.07
  • Electrum boys = shoes ($47.60) + Tax = $50.94

Cantabile-Period 7 Choir

  • Cantabile girls = briefs ($10.62), tights ($13.17), shoes($83.30), + Tax = $114.59
  • Cantabile boys = shoes($47.60) + Tax = $50.94

Cantus-Period 8 Choir

  • Cantus = briefs ($10.62), tights ($13.17), shoes ($83.30) + Tax = $114.59

Please note, you may purchase elsewhere if you choose to look for a better deal, but you must get them approved by a costume parent or director by the end of this week (before you order) and then order immediately upon approval. Your dancewear is required for the Fall Preview Concert on September 23. 

If you already have the character shoes needed for your choir because you have ordered them in the past for Fishers High School Choir from Kinney Dancewear, then you do NOT need to order a new pair of character shoes unless you want to or if your shoe size has changed.

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