Silver Spotlight: ALL CHOIR Commitment Requirements

The Silver Spotlight Invitational is the annual Show Choir competition hosted by Fishers High School. We anticipate this event drawing over 5,000 people from across the state. It is a fun and exciting day for everyone, but it does require a lot of manpower! Funds earned from Silver Spotlight benefit the ENTIRE choir department, not just our show choirs. Because of this, we ask that parents from ALL choir’s volunteer time to help that day.  

Every beginning or intermediate (Cantus, Cantabile, Voce, Statesmen) choir family is required to have at least one representative from the family cover at least ONE (1) volunteer shift. Advanced choir families (Sound and Electrum) are required to cover at least TWO (2) shifts. Any person volunteering at least THREE (3) shifts will be provided a free meal voucher to be used during the event. (You can of course sign up for more than your required number of shifts if your heart desires!) 

Descriptions for each volunteer spot are included in the signup, but if you have any questions, please email Leslie Zeisig at We appreciate in advance everyone giving their time for this high-energy, exciting event!!   The volunteer signup can be found here: FHS Tiger Choirs: Silver Spotlight 2022 Volunteers – Adults (

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