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Helps Reduce Your Fair Share without Selling or Costs

Please note there are three steps to the process: 1. Complete and submit this Google form. 2. Email Heather Decaudin to notify her that you have completed the Google form and to obtain your SCRIP code. 3. Enroll to SCRIP at this website using your SCRIP code.

What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a way for you to raise money for your child’s choir account by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases like clothes, food, and gas. You buy gift cards for various places and you get back a percentage into your student’s account. Percentage varies by retailer. The major advantage to this program is there is no selling involved. It is just your family’s everyday purchases that become your earnings.


To participate in Scrip you must complete the SCRIP enrollment form.  Once that is complete, email Heidi Davis to let them know you have filled out the form. You will then be sent the enrollment code to register online. Once the code is received, proceed to to register/create an account. Enter the enrollment code that was emailed to you. The code links you to the Fishers High School Choir Booster Club. Very little information is needed to register (name, password, and address).

Scrip App

Scrip is now available as a mobile app.

  • Use the same sign-in information
  • Your gift cards and payment information automatically transfer to the app
  • View and use your eGift Cards, even when you’re offline
  • Add money to your reloadable cards
  • Organize and quickly find the ones you use most


Click here to learn more about the Scrip app and to download.


Pick Up (for physical cards only)

Upon arrival of the quarterly order, those who have placed a physical card order will receive an email or text to work out a day and time for pick up. Orders are picked up from the Scrip Coordinator’s house or parent meetings, concerts, competitions, and other choir events.

Physical cards are delivered once a quarter. Those dates will be communicated to you via email in advance.

Ordering and Payment Options


PrestoPay is an automated online payment system that electronically debits funds from your checking account. A 15 cent convenience fee applies to every order. This is the quickest and easiest way to pay for Scrip, and PrestoPay is usually required for specials.

To enroll in PrestoPay:

 Go to and enter checking account information.

 Scrip will deposit 2 small deposits into your account within 1-2 days. You must enter these amounts into your PrestoPay registration to verify your bank account.

To Order by PrestoPay:

 Go to and add gift cards to your cart.

 When finished go to your cart and select PrestoPay under payment options.

 Enter your 4 digit pin, and that’s it.

MyScripWallet is a mobile website that can be used from a cell phone or mobile device. It is currently supported on iPhone and Android devices. It uses your existing ShopWithScrip and PrestoPay accounts or you may pay with a credit card. Visit and add it to your home screen to access it like an app.

Types of Gift Cards Available: Not All Retailers Offer Every Option

#1 Physical Cards

This is a physical plastic gift card. Plastic cards are ordered/shipped as a group once per month and must be picked up from the Scrip Coordinator. Orders usually arrive within a few days. Order dates are communicated via emails from the coordinator and are usually planned prior to events so cards can be easily picked up.

#2 Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are physical plastic cards that are purchased through Scrip, and have the option to be reloaded. Reloadable cards must be purchased, registered, and reloaded on the Scrip website to receive the rebate. Reload funds are available in 24-48 hours, and ReloadNow funds are available within minutes when you pay with PrestoPay.

#3 ScripNow

This is an electronic gift card called eCards that can be ordered and printed right from your ShopWithScrip account. You can use these gift cards for online purchases by copying and pasting your code at check out or print to redeem in stores. Many retailers are able to scan the gift card right from your Smartphone.

ScripNow advantages:

 Your gift card is ready in minutes when you pay using PrestoPay.

 There is no need to pick up your order, as it is delivered electronically to you (under Dashboard in your account).

 Many retailers will scan your gift cards right from your phone.

 Gift cards can be reprinted.

If you have questions, the SCRIP Coordinator contact information is below.

Heather Decaudin

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